Abstracts from the 7th Joint International Lymphoedema Framework and Italian Lymphoedema Framework Conference

This meeting was held in the beautiful city of Siracusa, Italy; a world heritage site. Of particular relevance to this meeting is the rich and deep history and involvement of Italian scientists, anatomists and clinicians in the creation of our knowledge about the lymphatic system, its structure and function, and of the impact of its failure on the patient. At this meeting, we shared many stimulating ideas, new research and looked towards innovative solutions to the many issues faced by healthcare practitioners who treat people with lymphatic dysfunction and issues faced by those who receive treatment for their conditions. We looked across the lifespan from children to the elderly and at the way international research and findings can contribute to improved patient outcomes. Below we have selected a range of abstracts to reflect these new solutions, directions and solutions.  We hope they lead you along a pathway to improved knowledge and outcomes for you and your patients.


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