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Lymphoedema and delusional parasitosis

The false and fixed belief of being infected/infested by one or many different living organisms, such as insects or parasites, is not a common condition. Although several cases have been recorded since the end of the nineteenth century, it was the Swedish psychiatrist Karl-Axel Ekbom who first...

Use of a tissue mobilising compression system

The standard treatment for lymphoedema is complete or complex decongestive therapy (CDT) that combines manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), skin care, multilayer, multi-component bandaging, exercises and patient education (Cheville et al, 2003; International Lymphoedema Framework, 2006). Intermittent...

A rare case of lymphoedema-distichiasis

Lymphoedema-distichiasis is a rare autosomal-dominant condition characterised by a second row of eye lashes (distichiasis) and pubertal onset of lower limb lymphoedema. It was first described in 1964 by Falls and Kertesz, but it took almost 40 years for the gene that causes the condition to be...

An unusual case of primary lymphoedema praecox

Primary lymphoedema praecox is a condition that predominantly affects women and involves swelling in one or more limbs which may extend to the trunk (Browse, 2003). The swelling usually occurs before the age of 35 years and most commonly presents during puberty. There does not have to be a family...

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