Patient experience

Lipoedema — a family story

Lipoedema is an adipose tissue disorder, commonly confused with lymphoedema, which affects around 300 million women worldwide (Fonder et al, 2007). The causes of the condition, which leaves people with a large build up of faᴀy tissue in their limbs, especially the lower ones, are still largely...

The long road to diagnosis

Dylan first developed minor genital swelling during his first month of life, which was dismissed as being part of the healing process of circumcision. However after two months, the paediatricians had noticeable concerns and he was referred to hospital  for testing.

My patient journey with lymphoedema

It is July 2013. I’m walking towards the centre of a town I do not yet know. It is my first visit. From the train, a few days ago, I caught a glimpse of quaint little boutiques, pretty clothes, colourful flowers and dainty things in general. But I’m not going shopping for any of that. I’m...

Lymphoedema in bariatric patients

Obesity continues to rise in Western and developing countries and the prevalence of morbid obesity in the US has reached 5% (Arterburn et al, 2005). Obesity is linked to leg oedema, and morbid obesity certainly appears to be a factor in the development of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), a...


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